Over 25 years

Over 25 years experience across digital, we’ve built up a team of pedigree digital experts, trusted web designers and sought-after developers.  Drawing on  broad and deep experience we see where the market is moving and how your website needs to evolve to keep up.

What’s more, we believe in being affordable (hey you, lovely Marketing Director, we said affordable, not cheap) our entrepreneurial approach and ability to optimise our value chain means we can bring you a bespoke website at a competitive price.

what we
stand for

Honest hardworking web design

  • No hidden costs
  • No pretentious industry jargon
  • No unfulfilled promises

I created Say Web Design on the principles of good communication and exceptional customer service. Collaborating with clients is in our bones and translating a client’s vision into their website is second nature to us. We aren’t happy unless our clients are.

Lorraine Moffat

Lorraine Moffat

Founder and Project Director

Lorraine is the leader and backbone of Say Web Design. Nothing passes through the company without her quality assurance at every project milestone. An expert in Design Communications and Project Management, Lorraine has led hundreds of websites to successful completion throughout her career.She has a background in customer service, project management and web design spanning industries and global companies such Royal Bank of Scotland, London Capital Group and design agencies including KD Web Design, London.

Lorraine created Say Web Design in 2014 and her vision was simple yet widely unpractised in the industry, to create a web design agency that cared about its customers, underpinned with values including a passion for excellence, transparent communication to produce, quality, bespoke, affordable websites. To date, Say’s clients include; The London Lung Cancer Alliance, Staffing Match, The Franks Family Foundation, SP Broadway, MDD Forensic Accountants and Airbox Fulfilment.

As a project director, Lorraine has been bringing websites to life since 2007, clients are assured by her extensive tenure in web design project management and complementary Degree level training in Advertising and Design Communications. Crucially, Lorraine deeply understands tech but it is not a techie, her approachable personality and clear communication style throughout your web design project will make a commonly stressful process, simple.