• Initial meeting/conversation,
  • Written proposal quote/estimate,
  • Agreement in principal

Before you agree to anything, we will make sure you are completely happy with your decision and go through any questions you have using jargon free terminology.

Deposit (Stage 1 of 3)


  • Kick off meeting & creative brief
  • Sitemap & initial content supplied
  • Visual likes & dislikes Q&A
  • Research & discovery
  • Home page sketching & planning
  • Initial home page designs created
  • Design critiqued
  • Revisions
  • Home page sign off
  • Major inner pages created
  • Revisions after critique
  • Inner pages designs signed off
  • Brief project specification written based on designs
  • Project specification signed off
  • Project plan and timeline
Deposit (Stage 2 of 3)


Designs sliced including design comparison and browser compatibility testing

  • CMS Platform integration
  • Programming work
  • Testing functionality
  • Deliver site to client for testing
  • Bug fixing
  • Client training on CMS
  • Adding content
  • Final aesthetic touches
  • Onsite SEO if necessary
  • Server relocation
  • Final testing on live platform
  • DNS changes
  • Launch
Payment (Stage 3 of 3)


  • Maintenance
  • Service level agreements
  • Market analysis
  • Improvements
  • New functionality/Features

We will guide you through every step of the process and discuss and explain all aspects. We are always on the end of an email or telephone call no matter what the query. If you are ready to take the next step, contact us today for a chat and we can take it from there.