LLC, a premier chauffeuring company, wanted to create a completely new website with a luxurious look and feel. They wanted it to be easy for their users to navigate and most importantly they wanted their new site to set them apart from their competition in chauffeuring.


The site was developed in WordPress. The modules in WordPress gave the flexibility to create the rotating banners and car carousel. We also integrated a quick quote functionality and links to a third party booking system.


We aimed to create a high end, luxurious brand that really portrayed what the company is all about. We did a competitor analysis and brainstormed with LLC on their brand image, colour palette and overall design to produce something that was unique and bespoke.


We created a logo that was close to the client’s roots but that also depicted style and elegance. We worked closely with client on the large images on the site to ensure that they fully represented the level of luxury and first class travel service.