Corporate Event is a public relations consultancy specialising in planning and development based in Swindon and London. They came to us as their site was not responsive and needed to be modernised.


We implemented the site into a new installation of WordPress and made the fullwidth design also work on mobile devices. We created editable modules for the team to more easily make updates in the admin area without affecting the design.


We had meeting with the client to understand their business and spoke to there Project manager and designer who were looking to have full width content and make sure that the site worked on all devices.


The client had a great gallery of images and videos we were able to incorporate into the design to give a bespoke and unique look. With the help of their in house designer we are able to utilise these images and reformat them to be full width we were able to incorporate them into the layout and produce a fresh, modern site with simple and easy to use navigation.