Template Sites

If you're restricted by time and budget, template based websites might be the way to go. There are constrictions in using a template site, such as a more generic appearance, customisation limitations due to the pre designed layout and limited SEO capability. Nevertheless, at Say we do offer a certain amount of customisation around key elements of the template to ensure it matches your brand values and brand identity. We can also incorporate ecommerce, email packages and log in areas/sign up features to the site.

If your business is in its infancy then this may be the right solution for you before you move to a fully customised site.

Price range

£750 - £2,000

Dependent on level of customisation and features.
For examples of template sites please visit our portfolio:

  • Integra Outsourang
  • Set A Side
  • Arnold Inventories

Brochure Sites

With every page built and fully customised from the ground-up, we create a brand new website in keeping with your value proposition and brand identity. Brochure sites serve as an online shop window for your business displaying your products and services in a user-friendly way so your customers can find out everything they need to know about you.

Price range

£2,000 - £5,000

Dependent on level of customisation and features.
Examples of brochure sites can be found below or in our portfolio:

  • Airbox
  • LLCA
  • Trispan


Similar to brochure sites but with ecommerce functionality. Ecommerce sites are built ground-up around your every requirement. In addition, we can integrate your site with a powerful CMS so you can manage and create products in house, without additional costly development work. With expertise across the breadth of ecommerce, we can create the functionality to manage a range of payments from shopping carts, to recurring subscription and interval instalment payments.

Price range

£3,000 - £7,000

Dependent on level of customisation and features.
For examples of ecommerce sites we have created visit our portfolio:

  • Medics Direct
  • Coffee Seller
  • OH

Complex websites, database architecture and apps

Some businesses have many stakeholders to think of, welcome to complex website design! Such websites require a substantial amount of integration and complex functionality to stay close to your customer and keep your employees working collaboratively and in a structured way. As well as in keeping with your brand identity and visuals, we can add a whole host of features to keep up with the complexity of your business needs. Such features might include; online login areas, customer data capture, online learning portals, database and CRM integration, intranet integration, chat functionality and complex form conversions (to PDF for example). We can provide a technical solution to the most innovative of requests and create a website that's truly special.

Price range

on quotation and dependent on level of complexity.
For examples of complex websites visit our portfolio:

  • MDD
  • LLC
  • Staffing Match