5 Signs Your Website Needs Works

Posted on 23rd September 2020

If you look closely enough, there will be several warning signs that your website is no longer working as effectively as it should and therefore needs work. Pick up on these warning signs early enough and you can work toward improving things before it’s too late. Here are 5 warning signs that you need to keep your eyes open for:

  1. A Drop in SERP Rankings

First up, a sudden drop in the search engine results page rankings could mean that your site optimisation needs work. Google may have changed their algorithm or your competition may have overtaken you for your site’s keywords. In either case, you need to find out what’s wrong, begin correcting it and don’t run the risk of slipping further and further down, ultimately falling off the face of the rankings altogether.
  1. Your Business Has Changed

If any aspect of your business has changed since your website was developed, you need to ensure your site is changed accordingly. In fact, if it’s simply the case that your website hasn’t been updated for several years, it’s crucial that you think about stepping things up. Not only are web-user expectations growing all the time in terms of the overall customer-experience, but web design and content in general go stagnant ridiculously fast. No brand on Earth holds onto the same website indefinitely – neither should you.
  1. Technical Issues

They may be relatively minor at the moment, but ignoring very small technical issues today could lead to bigger problems down the line. What’s more, we’re living in an era where even the tiniest of slowdowns or hiccups in site performance and speed are not tolerated by most web users.
  1. Less Than Flawless Mobile Experience

The keyword here being ‘flawless’ – the only acceptable standard when it comes to mobile experience. It’s not simply a case of making your site accessible by way of mobile device, but rather making the mobile user experience nothing short of outstanding. Mobile web traffic is outpacing desktop and laptop traffic by a huge margin – can you really afford to short-change the biggest of all consumer web crowds?
  1. Traffic Is Slipping

Last but not least, any sign that your website traffic is heading in the wrong direction should not be overlooked. The simple fact of the matter is that if your customer or visitor numbers are down, they could be down for a down for a reason. So the longer you ignore the reason, the worse it could get.