Content Management Systems – What’s the Big Deal?

Content Management System, CMS

These days, there are literally dozens of different approaches that can be taken when building a website. Website development software, automated site builders and so on have all become incredibly sophisticated over recent years.

Make no mistake about it – content management systems like these are literally powering the Internet.

For example, WordPress alone accounts for no less than 19% of all websites globally. To put this into context, that’s approximately 74,652,000 websites operating on this one CMS alone. In addition, no less than one in every four e-commerce businesses is powered by Magento, while Drupal has been downloaded tens of millions of times since its launch in 2000.

Which begs the question – what is it about content management systems that makes them such a big deal?

The answer…well, we can think of at least five of them:

1. It Puts You In Control

First and foremost, a quality CMS like WordPress can be so easy to work with that once your website is up and running, the keys can be handed back to you. You take full control over everything that happens, which given the fact that nobody knows your business better than you can only be a good thing. Even with no experience, it’s easy to pick up the basics of a good CMS in no time at all.

2. Multiple Users

By establishing unique permissions, you can allow as many people as you like to collaborate on your website – all while ensuring access is restricted to certain areas as necessary. Which means that no matter how large or complex your business is, you’ll find it easy to structure everything to the workforce therein.

3. Global Access

When you work with a content management system as your primary web platform, the only thing you need to access your online business is an Internet connection. From anywhere on Earth and even via a mobile device, you can track what’s happening, edit your website and basically steer the whole ship with ease. You’re effectively taking your most important and valuable business asset with you wherever you go – right there in your pocket.

4. Constant Improvement

Not only does WordPress have a simply staggering user-base worldwide, but it is also open-source. This in turn means that it is constantly being tweaked, improved and perfected at all times, making it one of the most up-to-date, secure and robust platforms of its kind.

5. It’s Seriously Affordable

Last but not least, while many premium plugins and themes may be chargeable, most CMS platforms are predominantly open source which means they don’t have a licence fee. This means that implementing a CMS is totally affordable.

Say Web Design works with a comprehensive range of content management systems and we are happy to discuss which solution is right for your website. Get in touch with us today for more information.