Content Marketing – Why It Matters Now More Than Ever

Posted on 20th May 2020

At the risk of perpetuating the rather tired ‘content is king’ cliché…it really is. And it’s also never been a more relevant approach to marketing, as content is the one critical measure of website quality that really isn’t going anywhere. For the most part, advertising and marketing strategies tend to be based on short-term results. A TV ad, a magazine feature, an online banner ad – all great for bringing a wave of business your way, but what about the long-term? What’s more, research has shown that the power and influence of these traditional approaches to marketing are waning like never before. Rather than being won over by marketing spiel, the modern consumer instead prefers to make up their own mind. Which is where content marketing comes into the equation – the art of using your website as a whole to ‘sell without selling’. No push, no gimmicks and no desperate tactics – you sell your brand, your products and your services by becoming the brand they want to work with. And it’s actually a very simple principle, based around delivering superb, relevant and engaging content that resonates with your target audience. Get it right and content marketing has the kind of power and value that goes above and beyond any other form of marketing ever devised. And here’s why:

Multi-Faceted Influence

First of all, content marketing can have a positive influence on every other online strategy you implement. By populating your site with rich, relevant and regularly updated content, it can work wonders for SEO. In addition, it creates a valuable source of material for social media marketing campaigns., Quality content can help establish strong relationships with other businesses and it’s been proven time and time again that outstanding content improves conversion rates.

Reputation Enhancement

These days, consumers are not willing to work with or recommend any brand or business they do not have total confidence in. The reason being that it is so easy to simply flip over to a different website and find a superior provider. Which is precisely why you need to look at the content you publish as a deciding factor when it comes to your reputation and perceived authority.


Another reason why heavy investment in content marketing is a must right now is the fact that it is the only approach to digital marketing that is guaranteed future-ready. The SEO rule book will always change, marketing principles shift and consumer habits evolve. But what will never, ever change is the importance and value of world-class content, when it comes to delivering the total user/customer-experience.


Last but not least, with so many millions of websites all competing for the same traffic, the content you produce and publish represents your only realistic shot at being unique. It’s becoming harder and harder to stand out from the crowd with impressive visuals, creative site design and a genuinely solid user-experience.  Instead, web users are always chasing that certain missing ‘something’ not found on 10,000 alternative websites – the killer content you create and share with your customers. Get in touch with us today for more information about content marketing.