Six Things To Consider When Redesigning Your Website

Posted on 7th October 2020

If you’ve decided that the time has come to redesign your website, you probably know it isn’t going to be an easy job without professional help. Everything you do will have a direct impact on both your brand and the way your visitors interact with you. Which is why it’s important to understand a few critical fundamentals before getting started.

You must not overlook the importance of psychology

Psychology plays a more significant role than you think in web design and resulting interaction. From fonts to shapes to colours to absolutely every visual across your entire website, behavioural psychology is at the heart of effective web design. It should never be a process of striving simply for aesthetic prowess, but instead focusing on influencing the behaviour and actions of your customers.

Focus primarily on the goals of the user

Everything that goes into the redesign project should be built around one specific area of focus – the primary goals of the end user. Try to remember that anyone arriving on your website is there for a reason. They want to buy something, they want to access information, they want to sign up for something, they want to access certain media and so on. As this is their primary goal, it should be your primary area of focus when creating the overall user experience.

Testing is of critical importance

These days, pretty much every element of a website from top to bottom can be comprehensively and accurately tested at every stage. When it comes to things as simple as CTA positions, colours, fonts and so on, testing multiple possibilities is the very best way of achieving optimum results. Even the smallest of changes can have the most significant impact, so be sure to test things along the way, rather than simply testing the finished article at the end.

It doesn’t have to cost the earth

Contrary to popular belief, you do not have to pay prohibitively high prices for high-quality web pages. Instead, you should be looking to work with web designers that take into account your available budget and produce an effective strategy accordingly. Do not be put off the idea of overhauling your website simply due to budget restrictions.

You must remember the back end

Specifically, bear in mind at all times that page loading speeds and overall performance will affect both site rankings and bounce rates.  It’s one thing to create a fantastic-looking website with rich content and an impressive navigation system, but it will be worth nothing if slowed down by sluggish performance. Both the front and back ends of your website need to be focused on with equal priority.

You don’t always have to be unique

Last up, many businesses invest extensively in the design and creation of websites that are 100% unique. In most instances however, this isn’t necessary.  The reason being that when the average web user visits a site for the first time, they instinctively expect a certain sense of familiarity. As such, it can often be better to provide visitors to your website with a logical and familiar experience than one that simply confuses them.