The Latest Web Design Trends We Love

Posted on 4th November 2020

Every new year brings along a whole host of new and familiar web design trends. Some of them are great, some of them are not so great and some are little more than slightly re-vamped referred versions of long-standing trends we already depend on. So as far as the early stages of 2017 go, what are some of the very best web design trends doing the rounds right now?

  1. Large Background Images

Firstly, more and more leading websites are using large background images. There are essentially two reasons why full-screen background images have the potential to be incredibly attractive propositions for web design. First of all, it’s difficult to come across a website with a spectacular background image of a huge size and not be impressed. That is of course, assuming that the background image is of sufficient quality and relevance. But on top of this, there’s also the way in which this happens to be a comparatively simple and straightforward approach to web design. After all, your entire background consists of nothing but one single element. However, it is worth noting that although large background images can look great, your website (and especially your homepage) needs content in order for you to be able to rank well in the search engines.
  1. Flat, Simplistic Design

Speaking of simplicity, simplistic design is also one of the hottest web design trends at the moment. The description is essentially self-explanatory – websites that do away with anything complicated and avoid 3D elements. Instead, the focus is on flat, elegant and simple design, which along with creating an exceptional visual treat for the user also tends to add up to the most user-friendly experience possible. In this instance, less can most definitely be more.
  1. Modern Retro

To a certain degree, the same also goes for the modern retro approach to web design. This is where you deliberately design your website in a manner that harks back to decades gone by. From 8-bit video gaming to classic 90s web design to operating systems of a bygone era, anything you can do that stirs up a little nostalgia while still delivering a winning user experience has the potential to work wonders.
  1. Bold, Creative Typography

Something else that’s making waves right now in web design circles is the use of bold and creative typography. It’s a little like shouting your message as loud as possible, though doing so in a creative manner which comes across as impressive, rather than pushy. It’s important to know where to draw the line between creative and confusing, but pull it off and it can be extremely effective and influential.
  1. Pure Mobile Focus

Last but not least, you’ll have to forgive us for continually flogging the proverbial dead horse but there is simply no current web design trend more important or effective than mobile focus. Mobile web traffic is continuing its acceleration over and above traditional desktop traffic, meaning the more you focus on mobile these days, the better. You of course still need to ensure your site operates solidly for desktop traffic, but even Google has gone on record to state that should you choose to operate a mobile website only, that’s just fine by them!