Why Do I Need A Web Designer?

Why Do I Need a Web Designer

These days, more businesses than ever before are choosing to go down the DIY route when it comes to web design. The reason being there are so many different site building tools, templates and pre-fab options around that it’s perfectly possible for even an amateur to get the job done. But while it’s possible, this doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the best way to go.

Why exactly? Well, quite simply because there are so many distinct advantages that come with hiring professional web designers. It may constitute an additional expense, but there’s really no questioning value for money when considering what you get out of the deal.


The biggest problem when it comes to using templates and basic building tools is that it becomes fundamentally impossible to create a 100% unique website. The reason being that thousands of others will have already used the exact same templates and produced near-identical sites. Which means that if you want to stand out from the crowd, custom web design is the only way to go.

Custom Design

Likewise, when you work with templates and site building tools, you become limited to the features and functionalities they have on offer. Instead of building the site around your business, you have to fit your business into what is available to you. With custom site design, every last inch of the site is tailored to your exact needs.


It’s also worth bearing in mind the fact that  a web designer/web design agency will have access to infinitely more resources of higher quality than you as a business owner. From software to graphics to custom templates and so on, they have the tools, the resources and the talent to create stunning websites.

SEO Elements

Not only is SEO a critically important consideration for any website, but it is also exponentially more effective if key SEO elements are woven into the fabric of the site as it is built. It’s always possible to improve SEO quality further down the line, but to have a professional build the site in accordance with strong SEO practices is to stand the best possible chance of gaining exposure.


With a custom website created by a professional developer, scalability is total. What this basically means is that if and when your business grows, contracts or in any way changes, the website can be changed accordingly. With prefab websites and templates, you are usually confined with very limited room for manoeuvre.

On-going Support

Last but not least, one of the biggest advantages of working with the professionals is the way in which it opens up access to the very best support available. From initial advice on how the website should look to intense website optimisation to troubleshooting to expansion and so much more besides, you benefit from their experience and expertise. By contrast, go the DIY route to build your own site and you are pretty much on your own.

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