Why Is Mobile Responsiveness Important?

Posted on 2nd September 2020

Mobile really has become the be all and end all of the web. Nevertheless, there are still those who cannot seem to grasp the importance of focusing on mobile as a priority over and above all other aspects of website development. So just to help drive the point home for those still to catch up, what follows is a roundup of some of the most important facts, figures and statistics that illustrate the importance of mobile-focus:

  1. More than 35% of mobile device users now use iPhones or iPads to read emails. In addition, 34% of all mobile users now exclusively use their devices to open emails. Which means that if your business uses email marketing to any extent, you need to think very carefully about how your emails look on mobile devices. (Source: Informz)
  2. According to Smart Insights, around 80% of Internet users globally are now in possession of at least one smartphone. What’s more, this is a figure that is only set to continue accelerating wildly over the coming years.
  3. When consumers set about the search for information via a mobile device, almost half (48%) head straight for a search engine to begin their search. This is a figure that clearly illustrates just how important it is to ensure that your website features prominently in mobile search rankings, as well as those for desktop.
  4. Also revealed following a study by Smart Insights is the fact that almost 90% of all mobile media time is spent using apps, with a comparatively small 11% being spent on actual websites. Experts have been advising businesses of all sizes on a global basis to get serious when it comes to mobile apps for several years now.
  5. For those running e-commerce websites, the importance of focusing on tablet PC audiences cannot be overstated. The reason being that at just under 8.6%, tablet PCs have the most impressive add-to-cart rates of any web access device.
  6. According to Salesforce, more than two thirds (68%) of companies have already started to focus on mobile marketing as a core element of their overall business strategies. Which essentially suggests that those not doing likewise are running a dangerous risk of being left behind.
  7. As far as Google itself goes, research carried out by the web search gurus found that more than 60% of consumers will refuse to go back to a website, if they found it to perform poorly with their mobile device. In addition, 40% will head immediately for the website of a competitor.
  8. If the figures from Marketing Land are anything to go by, more than 70% of all digital marketing spending will be allocated to mobile advertising by the year 2019. Something that illustrates just how seriously businesses the world over are taking mobile.
  9. A report published by Wolfgang Jaegel found that in the eyes of more than 90% of all mobile users, fast and easy access to information is a key priority. Which means that if your site doesn’t deliver, you could be shunning more than 90% of your target audience.
  10. Last but not least, the past few years have seen mobile conversion rates swell an impressive 64%, when compared to standard conversion rates for desktop sites and site access. The figures from CMS Report further confirm the importance of providing mobile visitors with the best user experience possible.
At Say Web Design we understand the importance of the mobile in today’s day and age, that’s why all the websites we build are responsive to mobile devices. We’re also experienced app developers, so if you have an idea for an app and want to get some advice on how to take it to the next level, get in touch today.