Why Isn't Anyone Coming To My Website

Posted on 17th June 2020

The only thing worse than poor conversion rates is struggling to get anyone to visit your website in the first place. Without the traffic your website needs to survive, it cannot and will not – it really is as simple as that. But what’s often anything but simple is working out why exactly nobody is turning up. Until you know what’s wrong, you can’t expect to do anything about it. Of course, there are technically thousands of reasons why your site is going unnoticed, but more often than not it’s the result of one of several common issues.

  1. You’ve Overdone the Keywords

If you’ve gone well and truly over the top with the keywords, your chances of appearing in the search listings are pretty low. These days, search engine bots can sniff out keyword overuse a mile away and will make sure you’re punished accordingly. And even if you do manage to slip the net, visitors that clock onto your keyword-stuffing tactics will leave just as quickly as they arrive.
  1. You Have No Social Media Presence

Even if you’re not the biggest fan of Twitter, Facebook and so on, ignoring their power and importance is a bad move. These days, social media can divert volumes of web traffic to sites of all kinds, so you cannot afford to ignore it. If you do, you can kiss goodbye to traffic you might otherwise have attracted.
  1. You Are Not Blogging

Research has shown time and time again that businesses that create and regularly update blogs pull in exponentially more leads than those that don’t. Not only this, but by constantly adding new and relevant content to your site, you’ll stand out in the eyes of the major search engines. Sites with more than 300 indexed pages pull in an average of 236% more traffic than those with less than 300 pages.
  1. Your Site Looks Amateurish

Make no mistake about it – the average web user these days will not even give a second glance to a site that doesn’t look professional. The days of getting away with substandard website design really are over, so take a step back and think carefully about first impressions.
  1. It Loads Too Slowly

Say what you want about impatience, but the simple fact of the matter is that you have no more than about three seconds to win prospects over. Quite literally, if your site takes more than a few seconds to load, they won’t even stick around long enough to see your landing page.
  1. You Have No USP

When your website appears in the rankings, you need to get across in an instant what it is that makes you stand out. This means identifying and communicating your unique selling point in no more than a few words. If you don’t, they’ll just head to another website that does.
  1. You’re Not Promoting It

Last but not least, while a website may in its own right represent a marketing tool, you also have to market your website as aggressively as possible. Using both digital and conventional tools, strategies and techniques, actually pushing the value and presence of your website can hugely impact traffic volumes. Contact Say Web Design about techniques and strategies to get more traffic to your website today.